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Beauty review: Filorga BB Cream

Filorga BB cream

Beauty review: Filorga BB Cream

Filorga recently sent me their BB cream to use. Here’s what I think so far.

I was on the lookout for a new BB cream a month or so ago. I posted to Twitter in the hopes that my followers would recommend BB creams that they love. I got a great response from so many people and in between follower recommendations, there was a reply from Filorga. They offered to send me a Filorga BB cream to try, no strings attached. I want to say upfront, that they did not expect me to do a review or post to social media about their product, they were just doing really great marketing by getting their product into the hands of a consumer and hoping I’ll love it and become a paying customer.

The Filorga brand

Before their reply, I had never heard of the brand, so naturally I did some desktop research. It was founded in 1978 by a French doctor of aesthetic medicine, Michel Tordjman, who was fascinated by cellular biology. He was a pioneer of the New Cellular Treatment Factor (NCTF), which “prevents, slows and corrects the effects of skin ageing. The good doctor’s innovations were originally to provide dermatologists and doctors of aesthetic medicine with an extensive range of treatment solutions – peeling treatments, hyaluronic acid injections and mesotherapy.” Today, NCTF is available to the public in products such as the BB cream, and the the compound is said to comprise of more than 50 active ingredients that are ideal for a person’s cellular ecosystem and boosts factors required for beautiful skin.

The product: BB Perfect

The BB Cream comes in silver tube with an easy to use finger pump that controls the amount of product used. I like this because it means a lot less wastage. I am notorious for squirting out too much BB cream and having to flush the excess down the loo. And I mean, makeup is not exactly the cheapest. I find that I waste a whole lot less using the pump. I also found, that a little goes a long way.


It contains SPF 15, which is yet another thing I love about it. I never buy a BB cream or day cream without SPF. I can’t stress enough how important it is to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays. I know a lot of us are office bound, but sun damage occurs even in the car on our way to and from work, walking from our house to the car and the “quick pop-out during lunch”. Sun damage does not only cause skin cancer and unsightly dark spots, it also causes pre-mature ageing. I bet if you ask the secret to any older woman’s beautiful skin, you’ll find that they don’t spend a lot of time in the sun, and they’re diligent with the sunscreen.


The Filorga BB cream also contains some ingredients that is said to help your already damage skin heal. I suffer from eczema and it causes some damage. I’m really hoping that it will heal the patches of skin affected on my face. Time will tell. The SPF in it, is a great preventative measure for anti-ageing too.

Repairs and soothes

This is great for sensitive skin prone to redness. The BB Cream soothes the redness and assists in repairing the sensitive areas.

Unified complextion

The cream blends away easily and almost instantly for a smoother, more unified complexion. It also reduces the appearance of pores (we all need this!) and is said to blur dark under-eye circles. I’m not too sure of the latter, as I don’t suffer from dark circles, but I can attest to the reduction of the appearance of pores.

Filorga BB cream swatch

Filorga BB cream

The verdict

I have been using it for almost two months and am super happy with the coverage it gives me. It’s light, yet covers small imperfections and makes my skin appear flawless. It will last me a lot longer than other BB creams purely because of the nifty finger pump. I would recommend it to anyone.

You can pick up a tube of Filorga BB Cream at your local Clicks store for R 695.

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Anne Doli
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