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The Fashion Squared experience

Fashion Squared makeover

The Fashion Squared experience

A couple of weeks ago, Tina Sears, owner of Fashion Squared, invited me round to her salon, Fashion Squared.

At first, I thought I was just going in for a manicure and pedicure – which was perfect as I was in need of both – but she extended her offer to a range of treatments so that I could get a real sense of what Fashion Squared was all about. Obviously, I was amped for a morning of pampering, it’s December and I could feel the tiredness of 2017 set in. I needed a good pampering and a long holiday to recharge. One out of two wasn’t bad.

I spent almost 3 hours at Fashion Squared and had the works – hair treatment, hair styling, manicure, pedicure and makeup.

Woman having hair washed in salon

The salon

I like that this gem is situated in a small shopping centre as that means that I can avoid malls. The big crowds and lack of parking have always put me off. Fashion Squared is in the Valley Shopping Centre in Dainfern – with ample parking available and definitely no crowds to fight through. The salon is inviting, warm, vibey yet comfortable. The staff are all super friendly and chatty, without being intrusive or overbearing. They also take your cue to whether you want to chat or just sit in silence and relax with your own thoughts. I really appreciated this. Tina, like her staff and salon, is bubbly and lovely; and I feel like she’d be the perfect gal to often swap weekly stories with over a cup of tea.

Fashion Squared signage

Hair treatment

First up was the hair treatment. It was the perfect place to start. The head massage and the soothing warm water set the relaxed tone for the rest of the morning. The treatment got rid of any product build-up on my hair and repair the damage that might have occurred. My hair is still baby-soft and feels amazing to the touch.


Next up was the styling. The stylist took a couple of minutes to ask me what I like, how I do my hair etc, to get a sense of who I am and what would suit me. I will admit that my hair was styled quite a bit differently to what I am used to, but it worked. I got so many comments and compliments from followers and friends.

Woman posing with new Fashion Squared hair style


It was the first time I had gelish dip done and I am extremely pleased with it. Firstly, it’s fast to do, there’s no UV light involved; and it dries really fast. I went for several shades of blue as it reminded me of the ocean which was perfect for December. I loved the result and over a week later it’s still perfectly intact – no chips as yet. I went for run of the mill nail polish on my toes in bright fuchsia – it just looked like summer and I can’t help but smile every time I look down. My pedi is also still perfect.

Picking nail colours at salon

Getting manicure at Fashion Squared

Getting manicure and pedicure at Fashion Squared

Manicure underway

Finished manicure at Fashion Squared

Finished pedicure at Fashion Squared


Lastly was getting my make-up done. I’m always a bit worried when someone else does it, because I’m quite a natural girl and I don’t want to look like an extra from Geordie Shore. Again, the make-up artist took some time to get to know me in order to get my make-up just right. I was thrilled with the result. It was natural but yet brought out my best features.

Makeup being done at Fashion Squared

Finished makeup at Fashion Squared

The verdict

I absolutely loved my time at Fashion Squared and can’t wait to return. I felt like a million bucks when I stepped out. I would urge anyone to pay them a visit.

You can call them on 011 469 4962 to make an appointment.

Anne Dolinschek
Anne Doli
[email protected]

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