New Bio-Tech Restore range from Gliss

Bio-Tech Restore range from Gliss

New Bio-Tech Restore range from Gliss

I was the lucky recipient of the new Bio-Tech Restore range from Gliss a couple of weeks ago.

Since my hair is growing at a staggering rate, I love trying out new products and old ones I forgot about. The new Bio-Tech Restore range from Gliss definitely put a smile on my face as I opened up the package.

I only started using it a couple of weeks ago and I alternate it with my other hair care products. Rumour has it that the range makes use of new phyto-stem-cell-complex-technology (try say that fast 3-times in a row) that’s inspired by natural ingredients, such as wonder ingredient, rose water, and combines it with plant-based activation to give hair the nutrients that it lacks.

It is said to help hair regenerate and recover from hair damaging stressors like heat, UV rays and pollution. The result is stronger, shinier, and healthier hair from follicle all the way to the ends. And good news, it’s free from silicones and artificial dyes!

Time to restore your hair along with your mind and body

The December holidays are coming up and I will continue using the new Bio-Tech Restore range from Gliss together with my other products. I’ll be spending it with my mom, who is also isolating, and I intend on spending time in the sun, with lots of sunscreen, on the hammock and lying in and by the pool with several books. Unfortunately, this is not great for hair. Besides the impending chlorine and sun damage on my hair, it’s been a long year. It is time to restore not only my mind and body, but also my ever-growing hair. I completely forgot what high maintenance longer hair is! But; I am completely and utterly loving it.

Time will tell whether the new Gliss range is compatible with my hair in the long term. For now, I can tell you that it smells absolutely divine, leaves my hair silky soft and manageable; and Gliss has been a credible brand for decades.

If you want to try the strengthening shampoo, conditioner, hair butter and express repair conditioner, you can find it at Dischem, Clicks, Checkers and online at Takealot, at a starting price of R72.99, but I see there’s a couple of specials at the hyperlinks at Clicks and Takealot.

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