David Gillson and Flamboyage

Carlton Hair Hyde Park

David Gillson and Flamboyage

Last week I experienced the magic of David Gillson at his Carlton Hair salon in Hyde Park.

Last month I made the decision to go on a bit of a sabbatical and with it also decided to make another big change: my hair. If you follow me on SM or know me in real life, you are aware that my hair is my crown, I am a Leo after all. I’m generally known for being a bit daring…when it comes to its cut. An invitation to visit David Gillson was too good to refuse.

I am not a fan of colouring my hair – if it’s your thing, power to you, it’s just never been mine. I haven’t coloured my hair in over a decade, and not keen to start again. There’s a couple of reasons:

  1. The maintenance of coloured hair does my head in
  2. I love my natural colour – it changes by itself seasonally as it is, so why colour it?

Earlier this month I was invited to a hair trends talk by David Gillson and was introduced to a product that eliminated my maintenance fears on the night. Davines Alchemic Conditioner goes hand in hand with *Flamboyage or if you are blonde enough you can use as is. The conditioner range comprises of rich colours to choose from such as Tobacco, Chocolate, Red and Silver. It washes out after a while. I FOUND A WAY TO COLOUR MY HAIR WITHOUT HAVING TO MAINTAIN IT! I was keen to try it out for sure. And because it’s a conditioner, it doesn’t only colours, but also protects your hair.

Davines Red

David Gillson worked his magic

Carlton Hair Hyde Park welcomed me with open arms last week and sat me in David Gillson’s stylist chair . He took one look at me and said that rose gold hair would look great on me. He wasn’t wrong. The great thing about using this technique is that your stylist can mix colours together to get the colour you want, you’re not locked into what’s in the bottle.

Blonde woman

My new hair was great timing as I had a photo shoot coming up that following weekend and was excited for it to make its debut.

Below is a series of pictures going from Flamboyage to rose gold hair:

Hair colouring in process

The full treatment and cut took about two and a half hours, but it whizzed by, to be honest. The staff and ambiance of the shop is relaxing and vibey at the same time. It was a great experience.

I love being a rose gold red-head.

Carlton Hair Hyde Park

A red head is born. From left : David Gillson, me and David John (makeup artist extraordinaire

David Gillson has been in the industry for 25 years and it’s apparent when he works on you. He just knows what works and cuts with ease and confidence. I didn’t feel nervous for a second. And he’s also a friendly, fun and just nice guy.

David Gillson is a celebrity hair stylist and trend guru who travels extensively to find the latest trends and localise it for South African audiences, making sure we look on point year round.

I would recommend David Gillson, Carlton Hair Hyde Park and the Davines System to all who wants a bit of a (temporary) change.

Find David Gillson on social media at the below links:

Twitter: @GillsonDavid

Instagram: @gillsondavid

*Flamboyage is the latest low maintenance hair colour technique. It’s a combination of ombre and balayage. Transparent adhesive strips are used to colour the hair and creates soft highlights. This helps darker hair absorb and maintain colour from the Davines colour better.

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