It’s Avon National Lipstick Month

Avon National Lipstick Month

It’s Avon National Lipstick Month

Not only does Avon have the best lipsticks, they are now giving us an official month to indulge in all the shades that our hearts desire.

I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge Avon lipstick fan. It’s no surprise that they are the number one lipstick brand in South Africa. It’s Avon National Lipstick Month and I’m ready to celebrate.

To celebrate, as of today, 8 July, Avon lovers will be challenged to do a number of fun activities that bring out their natural beauty. This will include posting a selfie every day for the rest of July, wearing a different shade and tagging @AvonSouthAfrica. Five people stand a chance to win a set of 50 shades of lipsticks. That’s a pretty fantastic prize! I would love to win that. Not sure if I have 21 different shades in order to participate every single day, but I’ll definitely post a couple of selfies with some of my favourite shades.

Avon lipstick

Avon is also taking this opportunity to celebrate their commitment of not conducting animal testing. In fact, they were the first major cosmetics company to end animal testing nearly 30 years ago. I think that’s a great reason to support National Lipstick Month.

Last month, they were awarded the title of Coolest Make-up Brand in South Africa in the Sunday Times Next Generation Awards and it was certainly well-deserved. Avon is a brand that gives its consumers choices, which is a definite must in 2019. Not only can you purchase your cosmetics from the trusty Avon lady (every office has one), you can also place your orders through their website or app.

I can’t wait to dig into my cosmetics drawer and unearth lipsticks that I haven’t used in a while. We all have a couple of favourites that we tend to use all the time. Who knows, maybe I will discover a shade that I forgot about and fall in love with it all over again.

Happy National Lipstick Month! Keep an eye on Avon’s social media platforms to follow the challenges.

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