My hair journey

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My hair journey

If you see me, please don’t stare at my hair. Please don’t wonder to yourself why I have neglected my appearance. I know I look crap. Growing out a pixie cut is a biatch.

It really is. I’ve been growing my out my hair since the beginning of December and it’s almost past the awkward stage where I can actually have it cut into some sort of style.

But for most of the last seven months I’ve resembled a disheveled 12-year-old boy whose mom has forgotten to take him for a haircut or on good days, Velma from Scooby Doo. Some days it falls right, and I look cute, but mostly I just look like I’ve given up on my looks. I promise that this isn’t true. I die a little inside every time I walk into a meeting or an event, because I know this is not what I generally look like. I’ve always been known as the woman with the cool / quirky hairstyles. This is embarrassing.

Growing out hair cut

Can I look more like Velma from Scooby Doo?

At the moment my hair is almost shoulder length, some bits longer than others and a bit unruly. Sporting a pixie cut, in some form or another, for the last three years, made me accustomed to easy, no fuss hair. I forgot how much extra work long(er) hair is. I’ve added 15 minutes to my morning routine in the last month or so. My hands are re-learning the art of blow-drying and I am rediscovering my favourite hair products. It’s been exciting in a way.

Pixie hair cut

Cute AF pixie cut

Next month I go for my first proper haircut since December. I cannot wait to cut some structure into my locks and actually have a style again. I have no idea what hairstyle I will have next, but right now I just want to look like a woman who actually cares about her appearance again, to have that extra skip in my step because my hair looks amazing AF.

unruly hair

See? Embarrassing hair right here!

I’ll be taking you on my journey to a new hairstyle and introduce you to some of my favourite products to tame my tresses on the way.

I wish you all a healthy and cute hair day!

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