My rose gold Davines hair colour is gone!

Anne at Carfax

My rose gold Davines hair colour is gone!

I had trendy rose gold hair in July and August thanks to Davines, but I’m blonde again.

A while ago I did a post on Flamboyage with Davines Alchemic Conditioner to give my hair a bit temporary colour. Or rather wash-out colour.

I don’t colour my hair, ever, and haven’t done so since I was a student when I yearned for honey blonde hair instead of my deeper blonde tones. Okay, so I might have had an incident with dramatic and horribly red hair after varsity too. Try and get that out of blonde hair! I dare you. It wasn’t easy – they had to strip my hair to get rid of it at the time. I quickly discovered that colouring my hair meant a lot of maintenance, and I am not about that life. Not only that, it also damaged my hair to a degree.

I decided to grow it out and my natural colour is actually quite pretty. It also changes depending on seasons and so people often think I colour it any way.

Davines  Alchemic Conditioner

In July my hair was treated with Davines Alchemic Conditioner. The wash-out colour in the conditioner works beautifully. I got the rose gold treatment, because I’m just so on trend. I kid. I was advised that it worked best with my complexion – which it did. I wasn’t sure how long my new colour would last as it completely depends on your hair routine.

My simple routine:

  • I wash my blonde locks daily with varied shampoos. I like to change it up.
  • I don’t use conditioner often because my hair gets oily easily.
  • Balancing or clarifying shampoo is my best friend.

Because of the frequent washing I didn’t expect the colour to last more than two weeks. It’s wash-out after all.

The rose gold lasted for just about a month and a half. It started fading a couple of weeks in, but maintained a gorgeous colour throughout albeit a bit faded.

My super talented friend over at Shoot the Moon photography took the beautiful pics of me with my then new hair colour. She did an amazing shoot with me about a week after my colour.

Anne at Carfax

Anne at Carfax

I am back to my old self and blonde again. My hair wasn’t damaged in any way and is healthier than ever. I highly recommend Davines Alchemic Conditioner if you want a non-permanent change for a bit.

Anne blonde

This is me now…loving summer by the poolside.

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