Bio XXI: Great tasting gluten-free products

Bio XXI Quinoa Risotto

Bio XXI: Great tasting gluten-free products

Bio XXI products are organic, gluten-free and vegan. Finally available in South Africa, the brand is redefining perceptions of gluten-free food.

Last week I attended the launch of the Bio XXI range in Johannesburg. Always keen to try new vegan food, I was eager to try gluten-free and organic products too. I won’t lie, I expect bland food when I hear gluten-free – I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Many people are gluten intolerant these days and others choose a gluten-free diet for fitness reasons, whatever the reason, they deserve tasty food. Bio XXI delivers just that. It’s a new product-line from Coronilla, the Bolivian family-run company that’s internationally renowned for its exceptional eco-social business model and Quinoa-based, gluten-free foods. All produced via rigorous standards from Andean grains.

The range consists of pastas, bread, cookies, risotto, nuggets and pancake mix to breakfast cereals and snacks and of course Quinoa. We got to nibble on some cookies, cereal and bread as we got ready to whip up some delicious meals using the products. I was assigned to make Quinoa tabbouleh along with my teammate – simple yet packed full of spice and flavour. Others made different types of pastas, risottos and desserts, there was even some amazing-looking pancakes.

Bio XXI tabbouleh

After fun in the kitchen we sat down to taste the different dishes and I was pleasantly surprised. The Quinoa-based products taste almost exactly like the real thing and I highly recommend it to anyone who is on a gluten-free diet. I also love that it is vegan, organic and adheres to fair trade principles. It’s not restricted to vegans though, you can use these products in your every day meals, vegan or not.

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Bio XXI meals

You can get your hands on Bio XXI products from the below retailers. Only available in Johannesburg currently, let’s hope it will be available everywhere in the near future. In the meantime, check out their website for further information.

  • Apple Tree Fresh Market
  • Fresh Earth Food Store
  • Fruit & Roots
  • Jackson’s Real Food Market – Bryanston and Kyalami

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