Book review: The Butterfly Room by Lucinda Riley

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Book review: The Butterfly Room by Lucinda Riley

The Butterfly Room is an exceptional read that examines the Montague family and the secrets encased in their family home, Admiral House.

The Butterfly Room is set in the idyllic Suffolk countryside where we first meet Posy Montague as a small child learning about nature and catching butterflies with her beloved father at Admiral House. Now almost 70-years old, Posy still resides in the family home and raised her own family there. Having never lost her childhood love for nature, she spent the last 20-years creating the perfect garden. But, the cherished Admiral House is falling apart and it’s time to consider selling.

The story follows the life of Posy Montague and her family, seemingly perfect from the outside, but like everyone else, she’s experienced her fair share of disappointment and heartache.

Her eldest son, Sam is a constant worry her, always needing to be bailed out of dodgy business deals and not quite finding his place in life. Adding to that, he has an unhappy wife, burnt out by trying to keep her family financially afloat. Posy’s younger son, Nick, suddenly moves back to the UK after living and building a life in Australia for over a decade with no explanation. No doubt, Posy has her hands full with her own life and that of her children, when her first love re-appears to add even more complications. Freddy left her heartbroken in her 20s with no closure and seeing him in her hometown, almost 50 years later, opens up old wounds and she’s reluctant to let him back in her life. What is Freddie’s connection to Admiral House and will its devastating secret change everything?

The Butterfly Room kept me glued to every page. I became fully invested in every character’s life and the secrets that threatened to tear the family apart.

Overall, the book is about the human condition. No life is perfect and nor is any family, even if it seems that way from the outside. Life is messy and much joy lies within the mess. It begs the question whether it’s better to keep secrets from your loved ones. Does it protect them, or will it cause more harm than good?

It’s a tale of family, secrets and finding the courage to live a life truly loved. This is hands down one of the best books I’ve ever read and will read it many times again.

Anne Doli
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