Book review: The Scent Keeper by Erica Bauermeister

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Book review: The Scent Keeper by Erica Bauermeister

The Scent Keeper is one of the most touching books I read in a while. We meet Emmeline and her father living on a remote island, seemingly by themselves, at the beginning of the novel.

The Scent Keeper gave me the feeling of a fairy-tale, a farfetched story set in fantasy. But, as the story unfolds, it turns into a tale everyone can relate to and take some wisdom from.

At the start of the novel, Emmeline’s father teaches her about nature and the world using her senses, especially smell. She loves life on the island, although it’s all she knows. She never knew what it’s like to have a mother or a friend of her own age…her father was all she had. Their cabin walls are lined with mysterious drawers that are filled with bottles holding scents that unlock worlds Emmeline never experienced.

Her father is secretive about these scents, never explaining where they came from and why they are important. As Emmeline gets older, her curiosity grows. This leads to a tragic event that hurtles her off the island and into the real world.

This world is unlike anything she’s ever experienced. It’s full of betrayal, ambition, love and revenge. She finds the transition difficult, but with the help of a loving couple who takes her in as their own, she settles into this world as best as she can. But, she still feels like an outsider, not knowing who she is. Emmeline sets out to discover her identity and while following clues, it takes her far out of her comfort zone. She remembers everything her father taught her and uses her sense of smell to unlock the secrets of who she really is.

With the help of her best and only friend, she is able to whether the storm, heartache and the revelation of where she comes from and who she is.

Beautifully written, The Scent Keeper pulls you in and takes you on a journey of self-exploration and leaves you thinking about your own life.

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