DataBlock – protecting us from cyber attacks

Cellphone and datablock gadget on book

DataBlock – protecting us from cyber attacks

Have you ever had the misfortune of having your private information hacked and used fraudulently? DataBlock can make it less of a possibility.

Unfortunately, we aren’t as vigilant as we should be when it comes to hackers. People who access our information through hacking so that they can commit fraud, steal money from our bank accounts or worse, steal our identities. I fear that most of us have experienced credit card fraud, but less of us, thank goodness, identity theft. But the threat is always there. Thanks to DataBlock, we can sleep better knowing there’s a product protecting our precious, private and confidential data on our cell phones.

Did you know that South Africa has the third highest number of cyber-crime victims worldwide, resulting in a loss of about R2.2 billion each year to cyber-attacks?

And did you know that cyber-attacks are not only because of laptops being hacked, but our cell phones are just as much at risk. In the case of the latter, it’s called juice jacking. And did you know that mostly when our cell phones are hacked, it happens when we charge our cell phones at public charging stations?

USB charging ports pose a security risk as they transfer power but, in the process, could and usually do transfer data. This could mean images, phone numbers, passwords, which if in the wrong hands, can be very dangerous.

I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!! Why aren’t these bits of information constantly being broadcast and rammed down our throats so that we can protect ourselves from it?

I don’t know about you, but that public charging station at the café, restaurant, food court, airport or mall, doesn’t seem that great anymore, it’s not a lifesaver…more like a threat and heaven to a juice jacker, but it can again be a lifesaver.

DataBlock sent one of their USBs to me to keep my phone safe when charging in public. It’s like the superhero to the hacker villains and tiny enough to fit into even a clutch bag. To use it, simply add the DataBlock USB connection to your charger, and it will prevent your private information and data being stolen by the juice jackers.

DataBlock USBs

If you’re smart, you’ll buy one to keep on you, just in case you need to charge your phone at a public charging station. DataBlock is also affordable enough, at R99, so that you can have a couple – one for every handbag.

Rather safe than sorry is my motto. Check out their website for more information on this nifty little USB that will keep your identity and other sensitive information from being stolen.

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