Café del Sol restaurant review

Café del Sol restaurant review

Café del Sol has been around for years and keeps being a fan favourite of Jozi inhabitants.

I remember when there was only one restaurant, which is now known as Café del Sol Classico. We enjoyed many birthday celebrations in the understated Olivedale Italian restaurant. We loved it because it was unpretentious and flavoursome Italian food.

Obviously we weren’t the only ones because two additional branches opened since – Café del Sol Botanica in Bryanston and Café del Sol Tre in Parkhurst. I am privileged to say that I’ve been to all three and can’t fault any of them. One of the things that I really like is that the décor and theme of each is different and thus making it a unique experience. While still maintaining old-school Italian food on the respective menus, they’re all slightly different too.

Café del Sol Botanico

Café del Sol Tre

Café del Sol classico

There’s quite a few vegetarian options because it’s Italian cuisine and perhaps this is also why it’s one of my favourite restaurants in the city.

The restaurants always have a good vibe about them and the service has never let us down. The only critique I have is that their wine is pricey! But, fret not, you can take your own and pay a corkage fee. We generally opt in for the latter.

My favourite dish

My absolute favourite dish on the menu is the Gorgonzola gnocchi. I’m a simple girl who loves simple flavours and this meal does not disappoint. The sauce is rich and creamy with walnuts! The textures and flavours just work so well together to deliver the most delicious meal.

Café del Sol Gorgonzola gnocchi

Consider Café del Sol next time you are looking for a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion or person. I doubt that you will be disappointed no matter which one you choose. The only other tip apart from taking your own wine is that you book in advance. They’re really busy and you can end up waiting a week or two for a spot. You can get there contact details on their website.

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