Glenda’s – the quaint hidden gem

Glenda's in Hyde Park

Glenda’s – the quaint hidden gem

Glenda’s is the best kept secret in the Hyde Park area where you are spoiled for choice.

Glenda’s is situated in Hyde Square on Jan Smuts avenue in the heart of Hyde Park. I arrived for brunch on a sunny and warm winters day, an ideal day to be out and about.

The décor

My first impression when I walked into Glenda’s was that it’s an absolute feast to the eyes. The sweets counter greets you as you step inside filled with colourful and indulgent treats, which is the perfect take-away after your meal on your way out. As I made my way through the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised by the décor. Big, striking and colourful floral murals decorate the lower part of Glenda’s and is quite contemporary. This part is the main dining space with wooden tables with cheerful flowers to welcome diners.

The upper part is what I like to call more old school and is more for casual chats, tea drinking and dabbling on your laptop if you’re by yourself. The walls are decorated with portraits reminiscent of centuries past and destressed mirror tables with plush pink chairs that beckon you.

Glenda's in Hyde Park

Glendas mural

Glenda's in Hyde Park

Glenda's in Hyde Park

Glenda's in Hyde Park

The attention to detail in Glenda’s is astonishing and it feels like it was decorated in such a way that it feels like you are visiting a friend’s. The bookshelves near the kitchen are lined with old recipe books complete with handwritten notes and placeholders. Even the bathrooms are different. It has a chair, table and books in the stalls. This is great for when you head off to the loo for a skinder session with your bestie.

All of this contributes to a great atmosphere, which you will like to return to.

The food and staff

Because Glenda’s is in the heart of Hyde Park, a lot of people working in the area pop in for brunch or lunch. When I arrived for brunch, it was already buzzing…in a good way. Staff was friendly, efficient and added to the already inviting atmosphere.

I sat in the upper part of the restaurant where I had a bird’s eye-view. I ordered a chai latte and smashed avocado on toast. The rest of the breakfast menu looked great too and I can’t wait to try it. The latte arrived first and is definitely one of the better ones I’ve had in Johannesburg. I was expecting two pieces of toast with avocado, but instead a plate of five crostinis arrived slathered in avocado, some chili flakes and lemon. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Glenda’s also has a to-go menu filled with sweet and savoury snacks, pies and sandwiches. Important to note is that they focus on seasonal flavours which means the menu constantly changes.

glendas chai latte

Smashed avo on toast and chai latte

I would recommend Glenda’s for your brunch / lunch spot and definitely get a *Choux box as you head out. I am eager to go for dinner soon and see whether it’s just as good.

If you’d like more information on Glenda’s you can visit their website, and follow them on Instagram or like them on Facebook.

*Choux is light pastry filled with custard.

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