Review: Pappas on the Square

Pappas on the Square entrance

Review: Pappas on the Square

Pappas on the Square has a new look and we were invited for a first look and to taste the new offerings on the menu.

It was interesting to learn that the Greek family restaurant has been around for 30 years! Interesting, because I suppose we’re living in a time where not much lasts, never-mind 30 years. Good on you, Pappas on the Square!

The new look

Pappas on the Square teamed up with Reis design who found inspiration from Mediterranean blues and ash wood colour pallets with splashes of copper. Reis created a welcoming and warm space for patrons to enjoy a hearty authentic Greek meal with loved ones.

Pappas on the Square decor

The event

It was a jovial affair and one couldn’t help but join in the celebration. A Greek band provided just the right ambience and added to the Greek allure of the restaurant. The real party kicked off when the Greek dancers came out and invited everyone to join them. I didn’t even mind getting home much later than usually on a school night.

Pappas on the Square opening

Traditional Greek dancers

The food

The new menu is divided into small and medium dishes in true meze style. I like this for two reasons:

  • I find a lot of restaurants have adopted what I call “American sized” portions. This is way too big for most woman and is a waste really. The up side is that I always have leftovers for lunch however.
  • You get to taste a lot more dishes because everyone is sharing. It’s also more sociable.

I’ll be honest, the Greeks aren’t too big on the vegetarian lifestyle, and that’s fine, it’s not their culture. The restaurant prides itself on being authentic.

The new vegetarian starter and meze options that were added to the Pappas on the Square menu were tasty, delicious and well worth it.

These were:

  • Spanakopita

Baked phyllo pastry filled with spinach and feta

One of my favourite Greek snacks, these tasted like the ones my Greek friend’s mom makes

  • Feta cheese in phyllo pastry

Infused with mastiha, sesame seed, thyme and honey

It was the first time I had this and I am sold. I want it in my face, all the time

  • Dolmades

Vine leaves, rice and herbs. Served with Greek yoghurt

These were filling and tasty

  • Greek salad

With no lettuce

Need I say more? NO LETTUCE! This fact made me happy, it was a big bowl with lots of feta, cucumber, tomatoes etc. Fresh and delicious. I stopped ordering salads in restaurants years ago because you generally pay R80 for a bowl of leaves.


  • Loukoumades

These are the Greek version of doughnut holes, but not as sweet.

I wasn’t too fond of it and tasted like a small vetkoek drizzled with honey to me.

  • Mastiha panacotta

Mashita is a resin obtained from the mastic tree and is an acquired taste.

Sad to say that I wasn’t too fond of this dessert either.

It might look like there are no veggie mains. The restaurant already have some vegetarian favourites on the menu, just not new ones added.

These are:

  • Moussaka
  • Roasted Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese



Greek food

Mastiha panacotta


The restaurant is well worth the visit. It’s inviting, warm and big enough so that the tables aren’t too close together. This is a pet hate of mine. No-one wants to hear other people’s conversations. Having tables spaced properly is definitely a bonus in my opinion.

The food is top-notch. Everyone around us enjoyed the meat dishes too. Pappas on the Square is definitely worth a visit.

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