Seriously easy tahini recipe


Seriously easy tahini recipe

Who knew it was ridiculously easy to make your own tahini at home?

I love searching for new recipes and I often get put off when it requires ingredients like tahini. This is mostly because it’s not really something you spot at your local grocery store, so I just end up skipping the recipe.

Guess what? It’s actually extremely easy to make tahini at home, it’s delicious and bonus, it’s much healthier than store bought.

You need four ingredients:

  • Sesame seeds
  • Oil (one that doesn’t have much flavour to it)
  • Salt
  • Water

sesame seeds


You can use either hulled or un-hulled sesame seeds. The only difference is that hulled seeds don’t have the outer coating which makes them lighter in colour. Pop a cup into a dry saucepan and slowly roast it over medium heat. Stir every now and then until the seeds turn golden. You can skip this step, but it enhances the taste of the seeds. Remove from saucepan and allow to cool.

Place the cooled seeds in a food processor or if you don’t have one a blender does the job too. Pulse it until the seeds are crumbly and a paste starts to form. Add in 3-4 tablespoons of oil (I like to use olive oil, but you can use any oil that doesn’t have much flavour) and pulse again. The oil helps with achieving a smooth consistency. If the paste is still too thick for your liking, add water until you have the consistency you prefer – it’s all about personal taste here. You can keep adding oil, but personally, I don’t like having too much oil in my food.

Add salt to taste and pulse once more. That’s it! If you want to mix things up a bit, add some lemon juice or peri-peri sauce. You can add just about anything to make it as tasty as you like.

We had ours with veggies as part of our Buddha Bowls, but you can have it in so many different ways. Spread it on toast, use it as a pita dip, have it with falafel, make it runnier and use it as a salad dressing etc etc.

The only rule is that you make it and have it your way; and enjoy it!

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