Isolation Survival Kit update

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Isolation Survival Kit update

I posted a survival kit of things to keep you busy during lockdown. I found some additional free resources to add to it.

If you didn’t see the survival kit I posted, click here for some great freebies. Since then, I’ve discovered more wonderful free things that you can keep yourself busy, fit and entertained with.


  • I’ve seen many people using this time to upskill themselves or learn a new skill. Whilst searching for online courses for myself, I found Alison, a website that offers free online courses on a huge variety of categories. Check them out here.
  • I’m sure that many of you know Udemy, and have done a couple of courses through them before. They have established a Free Resource Center during this trying time where you can learn something new from 150 of their courses. Enroll here.
  • If you’re in digital marketing, you can use this time to learn more about Facebook marketing through their free online learning platform. After this lock-down you can be a ninja in Facebook and Instagram advertising. Start learning here.

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  • Our favourite Ausie has opened up his website so that we can stay fit with him over the next month or so. Chris Hemsworth is giving everyone a 6-week free trial with him and his team over on Centr. Will we look like superheroes after the lockdown? Not with my sweet tooth that’s for sure, but we can try. Sign up here.
  • OrangeTheory is a US-based gym that claims to be science-backed, tech-tracked and coach-inspired. Every day they post a work-out video that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Check it out here.
  • More into yoga? We have you covered. CorePower Yoga has compiled videos for you to try at home. Strike a pose here.

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  • You can also listen to audio books for free during lockdown thanks to Audible. These are mainly for children but since the first Harry Potter book is amongst them, I reckon a lot of you will want to listen too. You can see the titles here. There are a couple of adult books too, if you’re interested. Use the free trial to listen to them.  Find the links below:
  • Gauteng opened a virtual library filled with books for you to read or listen to. All you need is your library car number. Start here.
  • Ever wondered what a portrait of you in the 18th century would look like? Yeah, me neither, but this website does exactly that. I lie, I don’t really know from which era it is, but all I know is that I look nothing like me…and now I wonder if the Mona Lisa really looked like her portrait. I still had fun uploading different pics. Try it out here.

Portrait of a woman

I hope that you’re all keeping safe!

Stay positive and keep your minds and bodies moving.

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