September Issue launch 2017

Women by the pool

September Issue launch 2017

Last week we attended the third annual Hyde Park Corner September Issue launch.

The launch

As with previous years, the September Issue launch was a glamorous event attended by celebs and influencers in and around Johannesburg. It was also my first time seeing Tamara Dey and Roxy Burger with their pregnant bellies. They are both gorgeously radiant pregnant women. I can only hope that when the time comes, I look that good.

The September Issue is an annual celebration of fashion, food, décor and beauty that Hyde Park Corner offers. Named after Vogue’s September issue which is somewhat of a big deal on the international fashion calendar. It is said to be the “biggest, most influential and one with the strongest fashion pull,” on an annual basis.

Tamara Dey

Lulama Wolf at September Issue launch

September issue launch

Roxy Burger at September Issue launch

Penny Lebyane at September Issue Launch

A time for reinvention

In the States, but not so much in South Africa, September is when Summer holidays come to an end, winter is creeping in, kids and university students start new school years. The month basically signals a time of reinvention and fresh starts. Thus, this is also a time to switch summer wardrobes to your winter one, and a big winter shop. There’s a lot more clothes in store to choose from than the months leading up to September. The September Issue showcases a large collection of Autumn / Winter fashion, setting the tone for the season. This particular issue is also almost twice as thick as the other months’.

In South Africa, September is the start of Spring, which similarly is also a time for fresh starts. Days are longer, the air is electric with thunder storms washing away the winter blues (and with it the dust and allergies), endless possibilities are all around us and we trade our layers for light and whimsical summer dresses.


Jenna Dover

Chris Jaftha

Craig Jacobs

I am enjoying the Spring and looking forward to a summer spent in swimming pools and eating cold fresh fruit. I wish you all a happy, sunny and lazy summer.

*You can get your copy of The September Issue at Hyde Park Corner.

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