Making a wall garden in Jozi

Wall garden in Johannesburg

Making a wall garden in Jozi

I made a wall garden this December and I’m trying to keep it alive.

I became obsessed with having a wall garden at the end of last year. I blame it on Pintrest, to be honest. There’s so many different types you can make, really.

Wall garden Wall garden Wall garden









Every December I get a bee in my bonnet and I take on a project, and the wall garden was 2017’s. Wall gardens are popular in Europe where there’s not always a lot of space for everyone to have a garden and this way most people can have one.

My worry was that I wouldn’t find what I was looking for in South Africa because wall gardens aren’t a big thing here. The pictures I saw was mostly in Europe and they looked like works of art. My first stop was Builders Warehouse – don’t ask me why – and the staff had no clue what I wanted even after showing them pictures and my worries grew.

My next stop was the Lifestyle Centre on Beyers Naude and I had success. I nearly jumped for joy. Now that I had that sorted, I needed to figure out what plants I needed and wouldn’t die on my stoep with the harsh afternoon sun. Guys, I know nothing about gardening, so I called in an expert – the queen bee, my mother. She’s got a green thumb and everything she plants prospers, and her garden is basically Instagram perfect. This is one corner of her garden.

Summer garden

She made the trip to Joburg to help me shop for plants. Who am I even? Is this what happens when you’re in your 30s? Guuuys, plants are super expensive…like WTF…it’s a very expensive habit to have so they better not die! (more about that later).

After I spent a gazillion Rands on plants, we headed home where Mark put up the wall garden structure. Lifestyle sells the most amazing wall garden pots. They have two styles – ones for small plants and one for bigger ones. I took the 20 pack for the bigger plants. A steel strip needs to be screwed into your wall and then the pots hook onto it and into each other. When it’s empty, it looks like a pretty bee hive. You have the option of an irrigation system which comes with it, but at the moment I just water it manually. Perhaps I’ll hook it up at a later stage.

I am so upset that I didn’t take pictures as we were constructing and planting so that I can show you properly.

It comes with nifty material bags in which you plant the flowers and then put these into the pots. We realised that it’s so clever because the material keeps the moisture in the soil and thus your plants stay hydrated. It’s very important to get potting soil so that you give your plants a fair start. Again, something I learnt from my mom.

It was fairly easy to do, but you do need some muscle to drill the holes and secure the structure.

Wall garden in Johannesburg

How pretty???? That was right after we put it up. Since then a couple of plants have died, and I need to replace them with plants that don’t die easily. Le sigh. I suppose it’s my first attempt at gardening and I will get it right through trial and error.

Wall garden in Johannesburg

If I can do it, anyone can! Best is that my pretty flowers greet me every time I leave my home. It really makes me happy.

Anne Dolinschek
Anne Doli
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  • Sarah Booyens
    Posted at 11:48h, 31 January Reply

    I’ve been waiting for this post! Def going to give this a go at some point (maybe after winter). Thanks for all the tips Doll x

    • Anne Dolinschek
      Anne Dolinschek
      Posted at 10:19h, 02 February Reply

      Yay, honey!!!! It really does bring a lot of joy. xxx

  • Kerry
    Posted at 12:22h, 31 January Reply

    I love this!!! Looks so great 🙂

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