Movie review: Bright

Bright movie

Movie review: Bright

Bright is a Netflix movie starring Will Smith.

Bright is a fantasy / thriller, where we see humans, orcs, fairies and elves coexisting on earth for as long as anyone can remember. Although on the surface it seems like a futuristic sci-fi, it tackles some very relevant topics.

The Plot

Will Smith plays the roll of a police officer who is the first to have an orc as a partner. The rest of the police force is trying to get rid of Nick (the orc) because they don’t trust orcs. Although Scott (Will Smith) isn’t too thrilled with the idea either, he tries to make the best of the situation.

The movie follows the events of a very eventful night. It starts out as a fairly normal patrol when they receive a distress call which changes the world as they know it.

The movie has some great action sequences, big actors and acting; as well as an underlying tone that leaves you thinking about the world and your place in it.

During the night they work through their personal issues and touch on some very relevant topics that we all face today; including self-doubt, racism, tolerance and corruption.

The verdict

It’s a great watch and had me glued to the screen. Any movie that makes you think about the world around you is a good one, in my opinion any way. Not to mention that one of the FBI Magic Division’s elves is some great eye candy, even though he’s evil AF.

Make a note to watch it this weekend. You can find it on Netflix or on a streaming site…don’t pretend that you guys don’t use them.

Here’s a preview:

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