My love/hate relationship with fitness

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My love/hate relationship with fitness

There is a misconception that skinny people are healthy and fit. I am told so often that I don’t need to exercise because I’m considered to be skinny. Skinny has nothing to do with fitness levels.

Everyone needs to educate themselves on this topic. Skinny people can be unfit too. We’re just as much at risk for heart disease and have issues with cholesterol etc as anyone else. Just because our metabolisms are faster than others, doesn’t mean that we’re necessarily healthy or fitness junkies.

A fitter version of myself

I was determined to be a fitter version of myself this year. Being fit puts an extra spring in my step and gives me loads of energy – it’s also really good for your skin. I started going to gym at least 3 times a week and really enjoyed my local no-name gym in my estate. Truth is, I stopped going because a man there made me feel uncomfortable. I know better than to ignore my gut when it comes to these things. I started going to the fitness classes instead and for a while it was great. The only downside was that it’s quite late at night and as winter pounced on us, I didn’t want to leave my cosy home after a certain time. Winter came with a lot of Netflix binging, starchy meals and regular desserts. Although I didn’t gain much weight, I felt frumpy and not as strong as I used to when I was active.

Fit night out

The weather is a bit warmer now and the sun is already up when my alarm goes off in the mornings. Mark and I decided to start jogging before work every day. It’s early days but we’ve kept strong. We motivate each other to get up and put on our running shoes every morning. I’ve downloaded the Nike running club app to track my progress and Mark pushes me to run more than walk even when my throat burns, and my legs feel like jelly.

Energy creates energy

My mother always says that energy creates energy and it’s true. The more active you are, the more active you want to be. I’ve found that I feel more alert after our runs and I’m more productive in general. Who knows, maybe the running bug, that I’ve heard of so often, will bite and I’ll fall in love with it. All I know right now is that it’s easy to do, and requires no gym fees etc. BARGAIN.

I even attended Fit Night Out on invitation from Powerade, which was also one of the main sponsors. The old me would have politely declined because it was the day after my birthday, the weather didn’t look great for the day and I would much rather watch series or read. The new me accepted and looked forward to it. I had so much fun, although I could hardly walk a couple of days after. Due to the cold weather and freezing my little bum off, I only stayed for half of it, but I’m definitely getting a group of women together for the next one. The nice thing was that women of all fitness and awkwardness levels attended which made me feel less awkward and self-conscious. Shout-out to the lovely ladies at Powerade for noticing that I’m getting fit and healthy. They also kept over 3 000 ladies hydrated and on the go.


It’s exciting to see my fitness levels improving slowly but surely, but I’m getting there. If you’re on a fitness journey too, remember that we won’t see significant results over night, but if we keep going we certainly will.

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    Thando Lekhade
    Posted at 13:43h, 22 August Reply

    I’ve just been motivated to start jogging. I’ll try tomorrow. Thank you for the motivation #NewMeLoading

    • Anne Dolinschek
      Anne Dolinschek
      Posted at 13:49h, 22 August Reply

      That’s exactly why I wrote this post, to motivate others too, Good luck and keep me updated xx

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