The importance of organ donation

TELL organ donation

The importance of organ donation

Organ donation is a bit of a taboo subject, even though it’s an incredibly important discussion to have. Perhaps no-one wants to think about dying, but by doing so, you might save someone’s life.

Have you ever thought of appreciating every single beautiful sunset, every time you can choose between being lazy all day or going out and enjoying time with your friends? Most of us hardly ever think of these daily activities as privilege. But it is. For those who are gravely ill and waiting for organ donation, these things aren’t taken for granted.

There are numerous people waiting for a new lease on life, not knowing when or if that will be, but you are in the position to help them.

TELL – Transplant Education for Living Legacies – is an organisation established to educate the public and medical sectors on organ donation.

Their aim is to not only educate South Africans to understand organ and tissue donation but to also fully support it. Two out of the three founders received a second chance on life through lung transplants. Thanks to their new organs, they were not just given new lungs, they were gifted a future and most importantly the choice of how to live, with a world of opportunities.

TELL org za organ donation

You, your friends and every single person that you know can one day do the same for others by signing up to be organ donors.

Think about it this way: if it was your children, parents or loved ones who was in dire need of an organ or tissue transplant, wouldn’t you hope that a kind stranger would be able to save them if you weren’t able to?

It’s vital that everyone sign up to donate their organs. Follow TELL on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more information and reach out to them if you have questions, they’re always happy to shed light and to educate.

Most importantly, spread the word and #TellYourTribe

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