To the person who burgled my home


To the person who burgled my home

I was burgled last week. Now, I’m sure that in your head you are seeing a mess, broken glass and a ransacked home.

Nope, you’d be wrong. The newest type of criminal is so tidy that you would never say that you were even burgled. That’s what happened to us.

We live in a secure golf estate in Johannesburg. The big pull for me to buy a little place of my own there was mainly security. I was sold on 24 hour patrols and being able to call security if I ever find myself in a bind.

My home was burgled during the day, while Mark and I were both at work. The perpetrator/s gained access through a window. Cleanly pushed open, blinds lifted and voila, an empty house for them to loot as they pleased. They were so neat that we only realised the following morning that things were missing. They were careful to not make a mess, to leave packaging and bags, but only take the contents etc. The thieves got away with mostly electronics, which included my most prized possession – my professional camera and its two lenses. Oh and they took a bottle of cheap wine, yet left an expensive one behind. I bet you’re thinking “thank goodness you weren’t home” and we are, but guys, no crime should be acceptable.

If you are a thief and reading this…

…no matter what you steal – whether it’s small or bigger objects, please tell me why you feel entitled to do so. I am curious. Generally people save up for something they really want and there is a certain sense of pride in finally being able to buy it. It’s one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Just for it to be tainted by someone snatching it.

It’s not just the inconvenience and admin to getting things replaced, it’s also the pure creepiness of knowing someone was in your home, uninvited. They touched your things, they went through your belongings. It’s such a gross invasion of privacy. My home was my sanctuary, a place where I felt safe, whereas now I feel on edge. Thanks for disturbing my peace.

I am a positive person in general, but I have been grumpy and pessimistic and just downright angry since the incident. Even more so since the estate washed their hands of it. Where’s this security of living in an estate then?

I guess this is a lesson in itself, to never be too comfortable in my surroundings and to always be hyper vigilant. It makes me sad that this is the kind of society we live in.

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    Posted at 18:36h, 01 February Reply

    That’s terrible Annie. The sad part is that your privacy has been invaded. But the worst part is that it happens so often. Strongs 😘

    • Anne Dolinschek
      Anne Dolinschek
      Posted at 15:48h, 07 February Reply

      Thanks Nadeems. But like you said, it happens all the time. Sending much love xxx

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