Rome Around mobile food bars – a new experience

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Rome Around mobile food bars – a new experience

Two weeks ago, we attended the launch of Rome Around mobile food bars. Specialising in Italian cuisine, they make you or your children’s parties easier. And bonus! they have vegan options too.

Brainchild of Franz the power chef and Candice Jansen, Rome Around was born out of their love and passion for authentic Italian food; wanting to share it with the rest of South Africa.

Rome Around toppings

We live in the era of convenience. None of us can deny that the likes of Mr D and Woolies pre-packed meals are lifesavers when we are tired and going at a million kilometres an hour. And now, finally, we have a service that will come to our homes and serve our guests delicious Italian food when we host dinner parties. Rome Around does not only cater for adults, but also for children parties. In addition to food, they bring with them authentic Italian drinks. Serving beverages such as Prosecco and Aperol Bars, Italian gin bars and for coffee lovers they have created Nespresso Coffee counters to be conveniently placed around events. They offer an experience of a live food truck that is able fit into your home, on your patio or in your garden.

Rome Around toppings board

If you’re curious about their offerings, here they are:

  • live pizza bars
  • children’s ‘make your own pizza’ bars
  • pasta bars
  • anti-pasto harvest tables
  • fire grilled florentine bistecca bars
  • gelato carts

Sounds great right? It gets even better though. Rome Around also have vegan options for almost all their offerings, which is music to my ears.


I tried everything at the launch, except the meat, obviously. I walked in hungry and rolled out with a belly full of happiness. My favourites were the pizza and the gelato. The pizza was light and fresh, a contrast with the usually dense pizza we get from popular outlets. I tried every single flavour of gelato, because who can resist? The flavours were rich and the colours vibrant.

Next time you agree to host a dinner party but have no idea where you’ll find the time to actually do the cooking, or when you have a children’s party coming up, keep Rome Around in mind and give your guests a unique experience at home.

Rome Around pizza

Check out their Facebook page for more details.

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