The new normal, what will it be?

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The new normal, what will it be?

We are living in interesting times, and by that, I mean we’re living through a historic event, one that will be referred to as we do to the Spanish Flu or the Bubonic plague. 

It’s huge, and I don’t think we fully comprehend it right now, which is good, it’s a survival instinct. 

My life hasn’t changed too much, being an introvert, I was never out of the house too much anyways, for me it’s more the option to leave my home that has me feeling uncomfortable. We’re all in mourning and the emotional toll is exhausting. My moods have never been this erratic. I am fine and content the one minute and the next I am feeling overwhelmed and sobbing. We are in mourning of our routines, what we use to call our normal day to day lives, our freedoms and to an extent our mental and physical health, and let’s be honest, we’re scared! 

We have no clue what normal will look like once the world has the pandemic under control, but one thing is clear, we will never go back to the way things were, it’s impossible to pick up where we left off and carry on business as usual.

It worries, nay petrifies me, to hear people talk this way, it’s as if they expect us to magically go back to work in offices, have face-to-face meetings, shopping in crowded malls, go out with groups of friends, all because apparently putting our head in the sand will shield us from this dreadful virus. 

I for one will keep isolating myself for as long as possible because I am an ‘at risk’ person. Luckily, I am able to work from home, and I recognise the privilege in that. I hope that the managers and bosses out there will accommodate and allow those who are vulnerable and able to work remotely to do so. 

Here’s hoping that everyone reading this knows that is okay not to be super productive or super creative during this time. Feel what you feel and do what you deem is good for you. We’ve never experienced a situation like this before, so no-one has the right to judge how you deal with it. 

Stay home and keep safe.

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Anne Doli
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