Book review: Our Dark Secret by Jenny Quintana


Book review: Our Dark Secret by Jenny Quintana

Our Dark Secret is a dark tale about 2 teen girls, 2 murders and the 2 decades that separate them.

Our Dark Secret follows the recollections of Elizabeth’s memories as a teenager in the 70s. It wasn’t an easy time for her. She was the perfect target for her small-town bullies – overweight and far too smart for a girl. Always feeling like an outsider, she pretty much kept to herself and dumbed herself down to keep under the radar at school.

Her entire life changed when Rachel and her family moved to their sleepy village. She was the complete opposite of Elizabeth in every way – beautiful and popular. Rachel’s light drew Elizabeth in like a magnetic field. Soon, the two girls became friends and although there was a clear imbalance in their friendship, Elizabeth would do anything for Rachel.

Her home life is also less than desirable. Elizabeth’s parents were going through a rough patch, and it looked like divorce was on the cards. Her mom fell into a deep depression and she was left alone to take care of herself. Trying to hold onto the version of her dad that she idiolised, she was forced to grow up fast.

The only thing that kept her sane and the only good thing in her life was her friendship with Rachel.

And then the first body was discovered.

Twenty years later, Elizabeth let us in on the secrets that she carried around with her for decades. She would have liked nothing more than for them to have stayed buried. The problem was, another body was found and she might need to face the consequences of two young girls’ actions.

To what lengths would she go to keep the secrets hidden?

Anne Doli
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