Book review: You me everything by Catherine Isaac

You me everything

Book review: You me everything by Catherine Isaac

Looking for a change from reading my usual crime novels, I picked up the romantic drama You me everything.

The novel is set in Manchester, England and the idyllic French country side. You me everything follows the summer holiday of Jess and her teenage son, William.

Jess has no interest in mending ways with Adam, her ex – William’s father. Yet, she agrees to spend the summer at Château de Roussignol, Adam’s pride and joy, steeped in the hills of the Dordogne, thanks to her mother. If it wasn’t for her, sick with Huntington’s disease, Jess would have chosen to spend her holiday in a more pleasurable manner.

William isn’t a child anymore and is turning into a strong-willed teenager. Jess is forced to think about the role absent father, Adam should play in her son’s life. She herself faces some dark thoughts and secrets during these 5 weeks. To make the holiday a bit easier, Jess invites some friends along. With the beautiful French countryside as a backdrop, the holiday makes everyone re-examine their lives and relationships.

You me everything made me laugh, smile and sob at times. I rejoiced and curled up crying at the unfair nature of life at times. As well as being an emotional roller coaster to read, it also made me think about the priorities in my own life and I’m sure it will do the same for you.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a romantic drama, with a couple of emotional twists and turns.

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