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All reviews on my blog are honest and based on my own personal experience with a product.  Please keep in mind that everyone has different skin types and concerns, hair types and personal preferences, so what works for me, may not necessarily work for you. These are just my opinions on these products and experiences.

I will always indicate when a blog post is sponsored. Some of the products I review have been sent to me by brands and others I bought myself or received as a gift. I only talk about products/services that I have experienced myself, I never simply copy and paste a press release without having tried it personally.

Most of the images on my blog are taken by me. Please note that using my photos/content without my permission is copyright theft. If you would like to use my content/photos, please send me an email to request to use it. I’m quite happy to allow people to use it for the right reasons. This is however at my discretion.

I do not write about every product I am sent to review, I select products that I believe will appeal to my readers and products that I am personally interested in.

Nothing I write is with the intent to offend or upset anyone. As stated previously, all content on my blog is based on my opinion and experience. I will, however, not tolerate abusive comments. All content, links and pricing are correct at the time that they are posted.




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