Industry news: SecretEATS is back in South Africa!


Industry news: SecretEATS is back in South Africa!

SecretEATS is an exclusive dining experience unlike any other.

Top, talented chefs and young, rising stars are invited to step out of their everyday kitchens and into a mystery location to create a once-off dining experience that leaves guests hungry for more with SecretEATS.

Invited guests are treated to an exclusive, intimate dinner party featuring course after course of
gourmet food, and premium wine pairings from some of the country’s top wine farms.

The idea is simple – SecretEATS brings together outgoing, adventurous food and wine lovers
looking for a decidedly different dining experience. Our guest chefs take diners taste buds on a
culinary journey in the most unusual, unexpected and awe-inspiring locations across South

The story behind SecretEATS

Founded in 2013, SecretEATS made waves on the dining scene by inviting guests to join thirty
or so adventurous, outgoing food and wine lovers for a ‘by invitation only’ secret dining
experience at an undisclosed location. They’ve worked with some of the country’s top
local and international chefs, including Brad Ball, Bertus Basson, James Diack, Vicky Crease,
Michelle Theron, Kobus van der Merwe, Vanessa Marx and more.

From wineland homes to stunning art galleries, private gardens, ancient Milkwood forests and
anywhere in between, our evenings are always hosted somewhere guests can’t simply go and
make a booking. To add to the intrigue, the secret chef and menu are only unveiled upon
confirmation of your password at the secret location on the day of the event.

Since mid 2016, SecretEATS South Africa has been on a hiatus as the founders explored the
culinary tastes and flavors of Southeast Asia and established the first series of secret dining
events outside of Africa. With events now hosted on three continents, it’s quickly
becoming an international dining phenomenon. But they haven’t forgotten about their strong South African roots.

By exploring, travelling and living in cities around the world, the team has had the opportunity to
see first-hand how food brings people together, how bonds are made, and solidified, over a
shared meal. Whether it’s on the sandy shores of Vietnam, in the small mountain villages of
Thailand or at an upscale Italian restaurant in Melville, there is a magic that happens around the
dinner table. Now, it’s time to come home to Africa.

Leading the return to South Africa is SecretEATS regional event director, Darren Meltz. Darren
brings a wealth of experience in marketing and hospitality and a real passion for food, wine,
people and all things magical. “There’s something truly unique and special about meeting and connecting over a beautiful meal. Moments are shared and friendships are made. I am beyond excited to bring the enchantment of SecretEATS to our guests,” Darren Meltz, Events Director JHB/PTA.


A secret spring celebration

Here’s a secret too good not to share: our first dinner back in the rainbow nation is blooming up
brilliant this spring. While we can’t say too much, our secret spring dinner welcomes back one
of our all-time favourite guest chefs for an unforgettable evening in a uniquely unusual space in
central Johannesburg.

Every dinner hosted helps to raise funds for a local charity in need, an important aspect
of the SecretEATS brand. This has allows it to support and give back to the local community
where they – and their guests – live, work and play. “SecretEATS is about bringing people together around a shared, communal dinner table. It is about strangers coming together, breaking bread, sharing a laugh and, more often than not, leaving as friends,” says founder Gregory Zeleny.

Beyond the first evening back, their 2018 plans include a return to hosting their evenings every 4-6
weeks in Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg. Space is limited and guests are
encouraged to reserve their seats early to avoid disappointment.

To be the first to know when our next secret evening is, interested food and wine lovers
are encouraged to request an invitation at

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