5 series to binge on Netflix

5 series to binge on Netflix

Winter is upon us judging by the sudden cold weather. There’s no better way than spending cold days with Netflix.

I love winter for a couple of reasons. I am not a big fan of the sun, it causes premature ageing and it makes you sweat. Worst of all, the heat flares up my eczema. Colder weather is also an excuse to dress up every day. I hope that this year it’s cold enough to wear coats, it hasn’t been for the last two years. I miss wearing my London coats. But, the best part of winter must be that the cold is a good excuse to stay indoors and binge series on Netflix.

Below is a list of 5 series worth binging on Netflex during chilly days.

Happy Valley

Seasons available: 2

I stumbled onto this gem of a series thinking it was sort of a British version of Brooklyn 99. Boy, was I wrong. Instead of a lighthearted comedy as the title suggests, it’s a gripping crime drama set in West Yorkshire with strong female leads. A female police sergeant is still coming to terms with the death of her teenage daughter who committed suicide after she gave birth to her son – a pregnancy that came about after she was raped. Now out of prison after serving time for drug charges, the sergeant is obsessed with tracking down the rapist. Unbeknownst to her, he is involved with the kidnapping of a local young woman. I won’t tell you about season two because it will spoil the first for you.

Netflix Happy Valley


Seasons available: 7

I’m absolutely obsessed with this family comedy drama. I tend to describe it as the Australian version of Brothers and Sisters. I’m currently on season 5. The series follows the colourful lives of the Proudman family living in Melbourne. The main character is middle child, Nina. She’s a successful obstetrician with a chaotic life and a wild imagination. I am glued to the screen with every episode as I am constantly thrown a curve ball I didn’t expect. I have laughed uncontrollably at the family’s antics, but have also shed many tears. Keep an eye out for Patrick – he might be the most beautiful man on the planet.

Netflix Offspring

Patrick Offspring

Patrick <3

Hello, my twenties

Seasons available: 2

I have to premise this one by saying that it’s in Korean and you’ll have to read subtitles. Each episodes is just over an hour long and it’s basically like reading a book with every one. I recently discovered Korean series and it’s magical. Hello, my twenties follow the lives of five university room mates. They each have a unique personality and varied problems, but they also harbour dark secrets. I’ve only started watching season two, but season one got me hooked.

I am deeply upset that there’s only 24 episodes of this series. Mark laughs at me because I talk about these young women as if I personally know them (I wish!) – I’ll admit that I am way too invested in their lives and well-being. The series have ignited a want in me to visit Korea. Can I also just say that Korean women are gorgeous and they have the most amazing skin!

Netflix Hello my twenties


Seasons available: 1

I’ve just finished watching this Netflix original series and only one word describes it – gripping. It stars Dexter – great seeing him in a role where he is not a serial killer. The series is set in England and follows a widowed father’s search for his missing 16-year-old daughter. She goes missing after attending a house party and no-one seems to know where she is. During his search for his daughter, he uncovers many dark secrets of the residents of the safe gated community.

Netflix Safe


Seasons available: 7

Skins was one of my favourite series when I lived in the UK almost a decade ago. It’s a teen drama series that follows the lives of a diverse group of friends living in Bristol. It doesn’t sugarcoat the difficulties teenagers face and deals with topics such as eating disorders, depression, addiction, bullying, sexuality etc etc. Every episode focuses on a different character and explores the difficulties they experience.

Netflix Skins

These series is a good start to your winter Netflix hibernation.

Happy watching!

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