Birthday post: one year older, perhaps a bit bolder


Birthday post: one year older, perhaps a bit bolder

Today is the first Monday of me at this age. It’s strange that you expect to feel different on your birthday, but truth is, you feel the same.

The difference comes when you assess the last year of your existence, how much you’ve changed and how much of your life and circumstances have too. Your birthday is just a focal point for all of that. It’s then that you realise that you’ve grown, become a wee bit wiser and learned a hell of a lot. Life certainly put me through my paces this year and it’s made me bolder and tougher. In some ways, life has been unkind to me, but in others it gave me the most. It’s a balancing act, I suppose. A lot happened in a very short space of time, but luckily, I’m a tough cookie and instead of falling, I brushed myself off, adapted to my circumstances and am looking ahead to a good end to 2018.

To the youth

Our world is in chaos and because of this many people, especially youngsters feel despondent and don’t see a future for themselves. To them I want to say that the best years of your lives are yet to come. Please don’t give up on your dreams or yourself…fight for what you want, adapt to your circumstances and do the best with what you have, where you are…I promise it will pay off. But don’t take non-sense from anyone and follow your intuition. Just have heart and be brave.


Here’s to the next 365 days!!!

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