The Accident


I’ve never been a big reader of local authors. That changed over the last year and I am enjoying discovering the talent we have right on our doorstep. The latest one I read was The Accident by Gail Schimmel.

The Accident is told by four people; who all deal with their own versions of grief and loss. Catherine, the zombie mom, or so Julia thought growing up, dealt with her husband’s long-time coma (he’s been in one for over 20 years) by living as if she was in one herself. She wasn’t the warm and attentive mom, but she made sure that Julia was tough. Julia is an adult now and Catherine can’t wait for her to settle down and have her own family so that she can finally commit suicide and put herself out of her misery. But Julia finds herself in a precarious situation and Catherine can’t give up on life just yet.

Julia makes a terrible mistake by falling in love with her best friend Claire’s husband. Claire is perceived as being the perfect wife, mother and career woman; and is rightfully thrown by the affair. I loved the way she dealt with the situation in general and have great respect for this character. Daniel, the husband, is portrayed as a self-centered man who doesn’t seem to realise the impact his choices has on the lives of so many people, not least his daughter’s.

Even though the subject matter is heavy and grim at times, Schimmel manages to intertwine a story of solidarity amongst women and writes beautifully about the subject of true friendship.

The Accident is a great read, I loved every page and every twist. The characters had depth and I felt invested in their lives.

This should be your next read, you won’t regret it.

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    Posted at 14:14h, 04 June Reply

    Been looking for a nice novel, a much-needed break from the memoirs I have been reading lately. This seems like a perfect choice, Thanks Anne

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