December holiday wrap-up

Cape Town holiday with Travelstart

December holiday wrap-up

The holiday was relaxing and now we’re back at work! At least we have the memories.

It’s mid-January aka the most difficult time of the year aka the longest month of the year. The holiday is but a distant memory.

But, we console ourselves by the fact that we at least had some time off to relax and recharge over hot December. Even though it’s only been a couple of days since we lounged lazily basking in the sun under a thick layer of sunscreen and a wide rimmed hat, it feels like a lifetime ago as we sit behind our laptops tapping away at client emails.

My holiday was two weeks, but it actually felt like a month, which was amazing. It was the perfect mix of being productive and being super lazy and catching my breath.

A big part of this is to go offline for a while. I make a point of disconnecting from my phone and social media after hours and holidays. I can’t recommend it enough. Being connected 24/7 is draining and stressful, and to be honest, it’s really nice talking to people and being in the moment, or reading a book or just focusing on one screen when you’re watching TV. Living in the moment and not through a screen is kind of enjoyable.

I take on a home project every December where I do something at home that I never get time for, and I am cunning in getting my mom to help me with it too, it’s good mom and daughter time. Last year was painting my TV cabinet and this year was starting a wall garden. I even got Mark to help this year. I will put a bit of a DIY post about the wall garden up on the blog soon.

The other half of my holiday was spent exploring the beautiful wine estates of Franchhoek and Stellenbosch; and enjoying the sunny and lazy nature of the Mother City, Cape Town. I have a new-found love for wine through all the wine tastings we did and am sure to be more selective when buying wine.

We explored the following wine farms (and their wine…of course)

  1. Chamonix Wine Farm
  2. La Motte
  3. Dieu Donne
  4. Delaire Graff Estate 
  5. Boschendal 
  6. Grande Provence

The best part of it was that I shared this time with wonderful people, most of whom were complete strangers to me at the beginning of December, but who I’m so happy to have met and spent time with. I can’t wait to have another holiday with them.

For now it’s back to real life aka work aka office life, but fret not, we are already planning our next adventure.

Here’s a bunch of pictures that will give you a bit of an idea of the fun and scenery.

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