Mother’s Day: my mother, my hero

Mother and daughter

Mother’s Day: my mother, my hero

Today is Mother’s Day and social media is filled with beautiful dedications from children young and old all over the world to their mothers.

I’m not the type of person to put things like that on my social media because I would rather have a conversation with her and tell her how much I admire and love her. But, I will write a blog post about my mother.

I’m in my late 30s and I still call my mother when I have something on my mind, hear a corny joke or if I see something that I know she would appreciate. To be honest, I do the same when I’m having a bad day, a crisis, need some sage advice or when I feel like a good cry. And don’t get me started about when I feel sick, I’ll never be too old for wanting my mom to take care of me.

Everyone in my life knows how important my mom is to me. The general consensus is that she’s funny, approachable, wise, relaxed and just a generous and wonderful person to be around. This is all true, there’s never a dull moment around her.

mother and daughter

I was a strange child

If you think I’m weird now, you should have known me back then. One of the oddest memories I have as a child was when I started doubting that my mom was actually my mom. Not in a “I must be adopted” way but rather in a “is she a look-a-like that was sent to kidnap me” way.

There was a lot of kids being abducted in the news at the time and my mom had a chat with my brother and I to never get into a car with a stranger, take sweets from them etc. And that got me thinking, what if the kidnappers were really smart and used look-a-likes?? I would get into her car after school and question her all the way home just to make sure that she was in fact my mother. I would even ask her whether she would notice if the kidnappers swapped me out for a kid who looked like me.

Guys, what can I say, I always had an active imagination. Picking up on my anxiety and paranoia, my mother put my fears to rest by telling me that all mothers knew what their children smelled like and that’s how she always knew that I was hers. From that day onward, I would first smell my mom as I got into the car, confirm that she was my mom and we could leave school. Luckily, she didn’t change her perfume until I was older and I no longer worried about this.


I still love the way my mother smells

Her scent brings me comfort whenever I see her. Her unique smell is hers and hers alone and makes me feel safe. It’s the smell of a lifetime of memories which I hold dear.

This Mother’s Day I want to thank my mom for being the best role model a girl could ask for. She taught me that a woman should always be self-reliant, work her bum off to provide for herself, go after what she believes in and above all, fight for equality and speak for those who don’t have a voice. Today, I am who I am because of her.

She had to be both a mother and a father to my brother and I. She never wavered, she never doubted, and she always showed up for us. For that, I will always be grateful.

Thank you, mom, I love you. You’ll forever be my hero.

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