You deserve a break with Travelstart


You deserve a break with Travelstart

If you’re looking for the cheapest flights and times to travel, look no further. Travelstart and I put together some useful information that’ll ensure that you don’t spend more than you need to.

It’s almost June, which means we’re already half-way through 2018. We’re all feeling it and we’re tired. All of us need to get some sort of respite from city life, from our every day surroundings and routines and be energised again. In collaboration with Travelstart, I’m giving you some crucial information about the best times to book your air tickets, so that your mini get-away doesn’t break the bank.

There’s loads of places to go, locally and internationally, but for a quick long weekend away, I quite like Cape Town. It’s just a stone’s throw away via plane, yet far enough to forget about Jozi for a bit and recharge.

Cape Town holiday with Travelstart

Cape Town holiday with Travelstart

Did you know that the Jozi to Cape Town route is one of the busiest in the world?

When is the best time to buy your air tickets?

A couple of things influence the price of airfare. From which season you choose to travel (time of year), to things like a country’s socio-political status, oil prices and even the weather.

Here’s some tips on when to buy the cheapest tickets when travelling within South Africa

  • Tuesdays are the best time to get the cheapest deals on flights. Wednesdays are second best.
  • If you are travelling for relaxation, book in the afternoon as the morning bookings are grabbed up by business travellers and tickets are generally a bit more expensive.
  • February and August are the cheapest months to travel locally reason being that it’s just outside of peak seasons.

Cape Town holiday with Travelstart

Try your best to avoid the below

  • Local flights are the most expensive when booked on Fridays and Sundays. Avoid the impulse buy when you are at a loose end on these days.
  • Don’t book just before public holidays and school holidays. These tickets sell at a premium because it’s peak travel time for families.
  • The most expensive months to travel in South Africa is December, January and July. I find it best to avoid these months in any case purely because every holiday destination and flight is crammed and busy. I prefer a more off-peak holiday and where it’s not too full. It’s not a surprise that airfare is the most expensive around Christmas and Easter due to the high demand for travel. Everyone has holiday then, right? Have holiday, will travel.
  • Avoid booking flights just before big events in the city you wish to travel to. Events such as the Jazz Festival and the Argus are good examples of this. Many people travel for these events and thus demand is high, which in turn means that prices soar.

Book your Jozi to Cape Town long weekend at the best prices here.

Cape Town holiday with Travelstart

If you have an extra couple of days off and can travel abroad, here’s when to book for the best deals

  • You will find the best deals on Sunday and Monday nights, with Tuesday mornings still offering some discounted fares.
  • The best time to book however is at 01h00 on Wednesday mornings. Set that alarm clock and TREAT YOURSELF! Thailand seems a great place visit. Here’s the best time to visit.
  • The cheapest months to travel outside of South Africa is May, October and November. This obviously depends on your destination, but these are generally the most inexpensive.



Times to avoid

  • You can pay up to 10% more for an international plane ticket if you book on Sundays. Rather use your lazy weekend afternoons to catch up on reading or series.
  • Avoid booking during your destination’s peak season. Not only are flights more expensive, but so is accommodation.
  • As with travelling locally, don’t book flights during big festivals and events.

Wexford, Ireland

Now that you have the facts about when to snag that ideal deal, book your mini break-away or holiday with Travelstart and indulge in some much-needed R&R.

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