The importance of self-care for women


The importance of self-care for women

Self-care became some sort of buzz word over the last year or so. But when you think about it, it really isn’t.

The act of looking after ourselves, aka self-care, as women has fallen away over the last couple of generations purely because our attention is extremely divided.

We are pressured into being career women, and a lot of the time it’s a necessity more than anything else. I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t rather follow her passion as a full-time job. Those who do are lucky and privileged. But most of us get a job, forge a career and when we’re lucky our passion projects become a main source of income at some point.

While we’re climbing the corporate ladder, a lot of us meet and marry partners and produce offspring. At this point we’re dividing our time and attention between our careers, our partners and raising well-adjusted children. On the side we’re also trying to maintain decent friendships and family relationships. It’s a lot! This doesn’t leave a lot of time to be mindful of ourselves and often we push our own needs to the side in order to tend to those of others.

Self-care bath time


During the last year or so women all over the globe have been trying to reclaim their own time. We started realising how incredibly important it is to take time out and concentrate on ourselves. Truthfully, when we are taken care of, we are more productive and can look after everyone else much better too.

That said, everyone’s version of self-care is different. Mine changes all the time depending on what I need at that moment. Sometimes I just want to read a book in silence and other times I spend some bonding time with my plants and fish (yes, really). For me, the best way of spoiling myself, however happens behind the bathroom door. I draw a hot bath, filled with mermaid bubble bath and leisurely soak up the aromas and steam.

My version of self-care

I light candles and put on some classical music, and when I’m adventurous, I even pour myself a glass of wine. After my indulgent bath, I lather myself up with Clere Radiance body oil. It’s a new find of mine and it’s now a staple in my bathroom. The oil is perfect for moisturising my dry skin with the changing of the seasons and I don’t see winter leaving me with dry this year.

It’s non-greasy, fast absorbing and rehydrates my skin with its 5 oils; which includes coconut, olive, Aragon, caster and magnolia oil. I pour a little bit of Clere Radiance body oil in my hand and warm it with my body heat before I slather it all over my body and wait a couple of minutes for my skin to soak it all in. Voila, soft and moisturised skin.


The entire experience leaves me relaxed and ready to face the world again. Every woman should put some time aside to pamper themselves and indulge in self-care. The world would be better for it and we will be far more zen humans.

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